Skills taught in a nursery

Nursery is the first and the earliest stage of academic education, it plays important role in building the appropriate foundation of the children. In Dubai there are a number of well recognized and reputable nurseries which offer great learning experience to the kids. You can find a best British curriculum nursery in Dubai for your kid but make sure that it is not too far from your residential location in order to maintain the convenience of your child. Like for suppose if you are living somewhere in DIFC then DIFC nursery would be the best option for you as well as your child.

As you know that nursery plays a role of foundation stage in a kid’s life so its curriculum is not that much difficult. On the other hand several activities are involved so that the kids would become familiar with the new environment and routine. Various skills are being taught through these activities, some of which are as follows.


This is one of the most difficult things to be taught to such young age group because some of them don’t even know how to speak and some are quite shy in this aspect. In such kind of situation, it becomes quite challenging for the teachers to make every kid read by their own selves. For this purpose they conduct various activities through which the kids learn to recognize and speak the words louder. They learn how to turn pages of a book and how to understand the meaning of each sentence.


This skill is even more challenging for the kids who don’t even know to hold a pencil. In nurseries, the teachers guide the kids to grasp the pencil or crayon perfectly in order to write different things. After learning to hold the writing tool, the kids then learn to trace numbers and alphabets in order to recognize them. This skill is quite essential as it is the key element in the entire academic life of a student.


Reading and writing are not just enough for a kid, in fact he must also learn to communicate with the people around him. This type of personality development is done by the teachers in the nursery where they teach about appropriate manners in terms of communicating with others. This skill is very important which helps a kid throughout his or her life.