Quick Guide to the Production Process

The long and tiring process of conceptualizing to turning film into a full flash media screening, is known as production process. This process consists of several stages which a production company in UAE goes through.

These long processes can be applied to any kind of media production like movies, television series, audio recording, 3D animations and xyz anything.


A single arte of media takes a lot to be produced as some of them get cancelled in the perpetual post production stage when they are not able to convince the financial heads to fund their campaign or the acting crew does not respond. The finalized movies and tv shows etc which you see have been gone through 3 stages successfully which are the pre-production, production and post production.




This step usually involves the script writing of a media. Sometimes it requires a few changes and other times a complete new script. It is also the time when you must finalize your caste and crew members, making the production plans and laying out all the necessary locations and planning the process of shooting.

Though this task seems nerve wrecking – wait for production to come into action – it really isn’t. This is just the usual preparations that every production company goes through.

Also the finances starts to come in so you can start preparing for screenplay, props, sets and all other things.




Now this is the part when excitement starts to level up while energy starts to level down as slowly and gradually the months long production of 14-18 hours starts to suck life out of crew members but everyone needs to keep their calm as the result is going to be as blissful as ever. There will be laughs and fights but in the end everyone will happily pack up and hug as the post production will start.


 Post Production


The process of post production shouldn’t be that much troublesome. The right kind of post production companies Dubai can get each and every work done finely, step by step without causing a lot of chaos and getting it done in the desired time. It is the time when the final master copy is created and the trailers as well as teasers are launched for the purpose of marketing.