How to order cake according to the weather

There are many ways you can get wedding cake Dubai like you can order online, go to the bakery and order the best one, ask a trusted friend to order for you or get your cake as a gift from a loved one. Whenever you are getting a cake for yourself or for the wedding of a friend then you need to order the cake according to the weather at which you will have the function. You even have to get the cakes delivery in Dubai according to the weather and here are the reasons why:

You need to order the cake and provide the delivery time by keeping in mind the weather of your function. When the weather is too hot then you should ask to send you the cake just before the start of function i.e. if your function starts at 6pm then tell then to provide you at 5:30pm. It is also important to have a trusted baker for this order because if the baker is not reliable then he may provide you cake even after the function is over so you need to take care of this ting too.

Next thing which you need to take care of is that the frosting of your cake. You need to see that if the weather will be cold at your wedding week then you can get any frosting and weather will not do any harm to it but if the weather will be hot then you need to not go for the buttercream frosting as it will melt down easily even during the time of delivery and also sometimes it gets sour and give the taste of decayed cake and no one will like that.

You also need to take in mind that whether your wedding function is indoor or outdoor and then decide about the cake according to that. You need to go for more firm decoration like fondant and artificial flowers arrangement on your cake when you are planning to have your wedding outdoor because all the cream frostings will melt down or the fresh flowers will get wilt when you put them for long in the day light or with natural breeze. You can have these decors when you have an indoor function and most of the time night functions are indoors so you can order anything.